Industrial RO Plant

MY TECH ENGINEERING (PVT.) LTD  has developed advanced reverse osmosis technologies to produce high grade drinking water from different sources, including seawater, in a single automated process. We operate a wide range of systems holding a capacity of producing up to thousands of liters of pure drinking water each day. Alternatively our systems can also be arranged to meet your individual needs. Very easy to install , Industrial RO plant purify water from impurities. Our ro plants are famous for their outstanding performance as we offer them in varied specifications at economical prices.

Industrial RO Plants
What makes  My Tech  Engineering different from other water companies? We have been able to create industrial RO plants using latest technologies of reverse osmosis to purify and clean water from different sources. Whether it is water from sea or any other source, our automated process is able to filter out even the smallest of impurity from it with end results that includes clean, hygienic and safe drinkable water.

Industrial reverse osmosis is a technology used by us in our plants that purifies water without hampering with its minerals and pH so all you get is harmless, useful and healthy water for use.

Demineralization of water for industrial use (boiler feed water, cooling water and process water).
Production of highly pure water for electrical, glass and semiconductor industries.
Demineralization of watery solutions for hospital and sanitary engineering purpose.
Demineralization and depolarization of pre-treated waste matter for recycling purposes.
Concentration of effluents for removal of harmful substances
Recovering metals from concentrated solutions
Why choose RO?
Ro produces great tasting water and very light in drinking.
Ro is effective and safe from impurities.
Ro filtration is fully automated.
Reduce water waste by 50%.
4 stages of filtration.
Ro systems are reasonably priced.

Commercial RO Plant

This water treatment also uses the reverse osmosis principle and is extensively used for commercial purposes. Being cost effective it is the best option for commercial establishments. The systems cleans water and removes corrosive and unnecessary salts, chemicals, metals etc, making water safe for tools and equipments deployed in commercial set-ups. Commercial RO plants are used for waste water purification/treatment, car washing, and fruit syrup production and in food processing industry along with reef aquariums.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plants
Commercial RO plants work on various methods. We have commercial reverse osmosis plants that filter out and purify water on a larger scale. These plants successful remove all sorts of metals, corrosive and chemicals from the water, even killing the smallest of illness causing bacteria so you can be provided with only pure and decontaminated water. The commercial reverse osmosis is a technology embedded in our RO plants that make sure your supplied with only clean water, making it cost efficient and effective for everyone to use.

Supplier of Commercial RO Plant System
The reverse Osmosis process reaches completion after multiple stages such as pre-treatment processes, high pressure pumps , assembly of membranes, disinfection and PH adjustments. The principle is simple- raw or impure water passes through membranes and output is pure/treated water suitable for commercial purposes.

What makes us prominent and successful in the market is the ability to understand customer needs ad design suitable commercial RO water treatment plants. Our special features in this category include:

Highly durable factory tested systems which are compact, easy to install and operate.
Heavy duty UPVC piping (ASTM scheduled) used for RO pressure piping.
TDS monitors to check water quality.
Raw water feed pumps.
High pressure pumps with pressure switches.
High performance membranes with pressure tubes.
Electrical control panel and wet panel serving as control point of entry system used for various purposes.

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant

Taking into account the health concerns of our clients related to water contamination we have developed an advanced level Domestic RO plant. Our plant is equipped with latest technology and first class spares and components which make water drinkable. Our plants are embedded with unique features like auto-shut off buttons and the detailed five stage processes make us shine out in market. And if you’re looking for a water purifier that will provide outstanding drinking water for your home, Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration is one of the most popular and best ultra filtration plants methods available.

Cost Effective and safe Reverse osmosis plants for Home
Reverse osmosis plants for home by My Tech Engineerig is aimed at giving every household access and supply to clean water that can be used for various purposes especially drinking and cooking. The plants that we have created are best for both domestic ro and local use, cost effective and efficient in performance. One might still doubt the process of reverse osmosis with the end results but we ensure you that our plants use the best technology around so all you can get is RO water that is 100% purified, light and of course tastes great.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems – Clean, Filtered Water At Home‎
 Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant Systems. The system provides completely germ/bacteria free pure drinking water and can be easily installed in offices, food centers, homes, academic centers and hospitals. We can easily customize this product as per clients’ need.

Auto flushing
Five stage filtration process
Auto shutdown
100% leak proof filter
12-15 hour/Liter output capacity
Booster pump with transformer
3.8 gallons water storage tank

Ultra Filtration Plant

This process makes use of a trans-membrane pressure for the purpose of separating particles according to their molecular weights. Here, hollow fibers ultra filtration system (UFS) membranes act as the medium of filtration and they allow only those particles to permeate through that are larger than the membranes’ pore size. These membranes are made up of high molecular material using special and sophisticated technology. The pore size ranges from 0.1 to 0.005 μm (200,000 to 10,000 Daltons)for various applications.

These membranes are normally used to remove high molecular weight substances, bacteria, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules and other colloidal materials. UF only needs 20% energy consumption of reverse osmosis system. The other advantages are as follows.

Wide PH range.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Lower investment cost
No contaminant residue caused by chemical reaction
Energy saving possible as minimum pumping energy required
The low-molecular weight ions that permeate through the membrane include sodium, calcium, sulfate and magnesium chloride. Conventional filters (media filters/cartridge filters) only remove suspended solids that get trapped in pores of filter media. These filters hence need regular cleaning or replacement whereas water Ultra filtration (UF) system works in a pretty cleaner way and holds the ability to remove almost all of emulsified materials.

Water Ultra Filtration System and Ultrafiltration Processes

The UF membrane modules come in spiral-wound and capillary configurations and have been deployed successfully in various process applications. For high-purity water, the above two configurations are widely used. Operating temperature and operating pressure are two factors that are directly proportional to the permeate rate. Just as Ultra-filtration (UF) membranes are replacing other filters that fail to produce such high purity water, we expect water Ultra filtration plant gaining more popularity.

Mineral Water Plant

When it comes to family and their health no compromises are allowed. The process of water purification packaging is carried out much smoothly and precisely. The mineral water plant comprises of water treatment plant, rinsing and filling machinery, blowing machinery labeling and taping machinery and SS storage tanks. The plant performs various operations including water purification, bottling , labeling and coding the water bottles.

Mineral Water Plants Manufacturer
Our RO plants are made out of quality materials, embedded with strong membranes so that the water filtered through it is rich in mineral content yet free from all sorts of contamination. Purifying, packaging, bottling and labeling mineral water is not an easy task as thought. It takes times and efforts plus latest machinery to carry out the whole process effectively. To make clean and fresh water readily available for people, My Tech Company has installed huge mineral water plants that are technologically advanced in purifying water, decontaminating and making it free of all sorts of pollutants.

Why choose our water? Because we make sure that every step of the filtration process is executed with precision and care. The water goes through different stages and at each one, chemicals and contamination is filtered out accordingly, maintaining the levels of pH and minerals in it. The process may take up to but the end result is always worth the weight. We aim at improving the health conditions in Pakistan and this is why we also install plants for industrial use.

The process is carried out in following multiple stages:

Raw water that has to be processed is collected in tanks
Water is then loaded with alum for coagulation
It is allowed to settle for an hour after coagulation
This water is transferred to chlorination tank and treated with chlorine gas
Water is passed through sand filters for trapping un-dissolved impurities
Water is then Sand and carbon filtered , odor and color is removed.
Then water is passed through micro fillers followed by UV disinfection system
Finally packing takes place through automatic rinsing, filling and capping machine.
The plant can purify up to 1000 Liters/hour. We do installations at water packaging industries.

Our process is complete and supervised by professionals who are expert in this area so that at the end of the day, people can gain quick and easy access to fresh, filtered and healthiest water. When choosing bottled water for your family, choose only Pure Water Flux mineral water plants because we focus at improving lifestyle.

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