Cabinet Fire Suppression

Cabinet Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems are designed specifically for cabinets or enclosures, there are specialized solutions tailored for protecting smaller enclosed spaces like electrical cabinets, server racks, control panels, and other sensitive equipment. These systems are often referred to as “cabinet fire suppression” or “enclosure fire suppression” systems.

  1. Automatic Fire Suppression Systems:

    • Clean Agent Systems: These systems use clean agents like FM-200 or Novec 1230 that are safe for sensitive equipment. When a fire is detected, the clean agent is released to suppress the fire without causing damage to the enclosed electronics.

    • Dry Chemical Systems: Some cabinet fire suppression systems use dry chemical agents to suppress fires quickly. These systems are effective for electrical fires and are designed to minimize damage to the equipment.

  2. Gas-Based Systems:

    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Systems: CO2 is a common choice for cabinet fire suppression, especially in areas with electrical equipment. It works by displacing oxygen, effectively suppressing the fire without leaving residue.
  3. Aerosol Fire Suppression:

    • Aerosol Systems: These systems use aerosol particles to suppress fires. Aerosol fire suppression is suitable for enclosed spaces and is often used in cabinets and server rooms.
  4. Water Mist Systems:

    • Low-Pressure Water Mist Systems: These systems release a fine mist of water to cool the surrounding air and suppress the fire. Water mist systems are effective in areas where water damage needs to be minimized.


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