Foam/Water Deluge System

Foam/Water Deluge System

A foam/water deluge system is a fire protection system designed to quickly and effectively control and extinguish fires in high-hazard areas, such as those involving flammable liquids or special hazards. This system uses a combination of water and foam concentrate to suppress fires by cooling and smothering the flames. The foam component helps create a barrier on the surface of flammable liquids, preventing the release of flammable vapors.

  1. Deluge Valve:

    • The system is equipped with a deluge valve that controls the release of water and foam concentrate into the distribution piping.
  2. Distribution Piping:

    • A network of distribution piping is installed throughout the protected area. This piping is fitted with open nozzles or spray heads.
  3. Foam Concentrate Storage and Proportioning System:

    • Foam concentrate, a specialized firefighting agent, is stored in tanks. The system includes a proportioning system that mixes the foam concentrate with water to create a foam solution.
  4. Actuation System:

    • The system is activated through an actuation system, which can include heat detectors, flame detectors, or manual activation devices. When a fire is detected, the deluge valve opens, allowing water and foam concentrate to flow into the distribution piping.
  5. Nozzles or Spray Heads:

    • The distribution piping is fitted with open nozzles or spray heads that discharge the water and foam mixture when the system is activated. The nozzles are strategically located to provide coverage over the entire protected area.
  6. Fire Detection System:

    • The system is often integrated with a fire detection system to provide early detection of a fire. This can include heat sensors, smoke detectors, or flame detectors.
  7. Foam Chambers:

    • In certain applications, such as protecting flammable liquid storage tanks, foam chambers may be used. These are specialized devices that discharge foam directly onto the surface of the flammable liquid.
  8. Foam/Water Monitor:

    • In some installations, a foam/water monitor may be used. This is a large, remotely operated device that can deliver a significant amount of water and foam concentrate over a long distance.
  9. Manual Controls:

    • The system may include manual controls, allowing operators to manually activate or deactivate the system as needed.


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